Monday , August 10th 2020
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Sonic Outdoor Super Ultrasonic Anti Dog Bark

The Sonic Outdoor Super Ultrasonic Anti Dog Bark is an electronic box that you place in your yard or garden.  It’s small and easy to hide.  Once in place, the anti-barking system detects barking with a  built-in 3-range microphone that detects barking up to 50 feet away.  When a dog barks the system emits an ultrasound sound noticeable only by the dog. The sound, like a whistle to a dog’s high range hearing, interrupts the dog’s bark.  Most dogs will realize the cause and effect relationship between bark and whistle and stop barking.

The Sonic Outdoor Super Ultrasonic Anti Dog Bark has a bonus effect too.  Since it uses ultrasonic sounds, essentially just a whistle, there’s no need for a collar or tag on the barking dog.  That means that it works on just about any dog in the area, whether it’s yours, your neighbors, or a visitor.  The unit creates ultrasonic sound waves when it hears any bark and will discourage barking.

Openuye Sonic Dog Bark Control

Openuye Sonic Dog Bark Control

It works like a dog whistle.  Dogs can hear the high frequencies; humans can’t.  You’ll only know it is working by watching dogs react.  Ultrasonics are just high-frequency sounds, higher than humans can hear, and are safe for all.  There’s a test mode that humans can hear if you want to see how it works.

The system is waterproof and dark-toned to blend in, housed in an ABS case it’s strong and durable.  Leave it outside; it can be hung on trees, anywhere in the house, or in your yard. It can be placed on a table or hidden in the garden.

Once in place, set it to one of the four power levels depending on the range that you want.  Ranges vary a bit with the terrain and surroundings but are roughly low power – 15 feet, medium power – 30 feet, and high-power 50 feet.  Setting 4 is the human-audible test mode.  It still works on dogs but is annoying for people, almost like having a second dog bark echo.  Use it for testing, but most people turn it off quickly.  The Sonic will work indoors also where the range is determined by walls and furniture.

Power comes from a standard 9-volt battery.  These are the 2-clip ones that are easy to find in most stores.  LED indicator lights let you know if your Sonic is on or off.  There’s also a timer that limits its operation and saves your battery.  Most dogs will learn quickly, and you’ll be able to reduce its use after a short while.

Sonic Outdoor Super Ultrasonic Anti Dog Bark Specifications:

  • Ultrasonic: Dogs hear it, humans don’t
  • Waterproof and designed for outdoors
  • Multiple Ranges
  • Works on all dogs in range


  • Easy to use
  • No training required, just turn it on
  • Inexpensive


  • Doesn’t work on all dogs, especially older or hearing impaired dogs
  • Sound doesn’t travel through obstacles


Ultrasonic trainers seem to work on some dogs; others just ignore it.  And some breeds are more resistant to it than others.  Actually, some dogs seem to bark more in response to it!  But ultrasonic training works on most, and this is an inexpensive solution for many dog owners.