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Buying the Right Dog Stroller

Dog strollers were a novelty just a few years ago, but have been gaining in popularity.  They’re not for all dogs, but can be convenient if your dog has the proper temperament.

Going places?  A dog stroller makes it easier.  Your dog is protected from sun and weather and may feel safer in its own familiar place.  There’s less worry about distractions, other people, or other dogs.

Did you ever try walking barefoot on the pavement in summer?  It gets hot, and dogs don’t like it.  And wintertime brings slush that freezes between their toes and salt that causes skin cracks.

And if you have a small breed or an older dog, your stroller lets both of you still get out and see the world.   Save them from discomfort on long trips, then let them out for some exercise once the long travel is through.

With numerous pet strollers on the marketplace, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the choices available. As you look at pet strollers, keep thinking about selecting one that will suit your way of life as well as do the things that you need a pet stroller to do. Remain concentrated on the function that you need from the stroller. If you just want an adorable sometime-use stroller to take your dog to the veterinarian, or the corner store, then you don’t need to spend your money on a sports style stroller. But if you want to include your dog in your active way of life and also take your pet dog with you running, cycling, hiking, as well as on outdoor experiences then it’s worth investing the money on a top-notch dog stroller that is constructed to function well in any scenario.

Before going stroller shopping, think about where you’ll be using it the most.  And If you live in a warm and sunny area, it is important to get a pet dog stroller with a functional sun guard and also a pest screen with mesh to keep the air flowing.  If you reside in a wet or cool environment, then look for a pet stroller with weather guards and waterproof material.

One more consideration, look for a stroller that is the right size for you.  I’m a six-footer and remember bending over to push a short baby stroller.  It’s not fun, and I don’t imagine that pushing handles that are too high would be fun either.

Here are my suggestions for quality dog strollers:

Best Choice Products 3-Wheel Folding Pet Stroller Travel Carrier Carriage

Best Choice Products 3-Wheel Folding Pet Stroller

Best Choice Products 3-Wheel Folding Pet Stroller

This Best Choice 3-wheel folding pet stroller is small, light, and portable.  It folds easily for storage and travel, and its 10-pound weight makes it easy going in and out of the car.  Despite its lightweight, the Best Choice Products 3-Wheel Folding Pet Stroller still has a 33-pound capacity.

The back two wheels lock for safety, and so your stroller won’t run away from you.  And it has 2 cup holders (one for you, one for your pet?), a center tray, and a lower storage basket for convenience.  Mesh windows on the top and front provide great visibility both in and out.

Two built-in leashes and three zippered access points on the top, bottom, and rear make for easy access.  Overall, the Best Choice 3-wheeler is a great value for a lightweight pet stroller.

Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller, Zipperless Entry

Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller, Zipperless Entry Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller

Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller, Zipperless Entry
Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller

The Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller tops our list of doggie jogger strollers.  This is a much more substantial product than the 3-wheeler reviewed above.  As a jogger, it needs to handle rough surfaces without shaking up its passengers or damaging any components.  And, it needs to remain easy to push.

Pet Gear addresses these challenges with oversized inflated tires where most other strollers use solid rubber or plastic.  The tires, just like on your car, absorb some of the bumps and road obstacles, and their sizeable 12-inch diameter makes rolling through rough roads or grass easier.

Joggers may want to lock the front wheels in a straight position for better stability.  Unlock and let them swivel for easier maneuverability when going slower.   The air-ride protects your pet from a lot of the bumps.  A panoramic front window with a paw rest helps with the view.  And the top goes up and down with a no-zip latch to make it easier.

This stroller is rated for passengers up to 70 pounds, yet the stroller itself is only 27 pounds.  Its heavy duty jogger construction doesn’t make for a lightweight, but it is still light enough for moving it in and out of a car.

Overall, this is a well-built dog stroller for joggers and active users.  The price is a bit high because of the heavy-duty construction and features, but that is to be expected.  Amazon readers give this stroller excellent 4 1/2 star average ratings for functionality and build.  Many lesser strollers don’t stand up as well. If you’re not a jogger but still like the features, many of the best features are available in a non-jogger model in the next review.

Pet Gear Happy Trails No Zip Pet Stroller

Pet Gear Happy Trails No Zip Pet Stroller

Pet Gear Happy Trails No Zip Pet Stroller

Pet Gear Happy Trails No Zip Pet Stroller is the non-jogger cousin of the jogger model above and a great stroller on its own. It still has the wide view panoramic front window that opens and closes with no-zip latches, and there’s still the paw rest that makes it easier for your pet to enjoy the big window.

This model has a 30-pound capacity.  Pet Gear also makes 60 pound and 70-pound models.  We’re looking at this one because it is lightweight for smaller dogs.  At 13 pounds, it is easy to handle.

The wheels are 6″ plastic, still bigger and easier to roll than many of the cheapies.  And there are shock absorbers on the front for a smoother ride.  Amazon buyers give it great reviews with over 2/3 rating it as excellent.

Lucky Tree Pet Stroller Twin Folding Dog Cat Carrier Travel Cart

Lucky Tree Pet Stroller Twin Folding Dog Cat Carrier Travel Cart

Lucky Tree Pet Stroller Twin Folding Dog Cat Carrier Travel Cart

This entry caught my eye.  Double pet strollers are usually pricey, but the Lucky Tree Twin Pet Stroller is reasonably priced and the owner’s reviews show that it is still well liked.  It is a two pet stroller with a total capacity of 44 pounds.  Each pet has their own basket area and window.

Note that these strollers are all called pet strollers rather than dog strollers.  Although this is a pet dog review site, they work just as well for cats, rabbits, and most other pets that you would want to take with you.

This stroller has cupholders, a big basket under the baskets, and leash holders.  It folds up easily for storage.  Check it out.